Shaking for practicality

It has been two weeks since I started work now and I have the same problem as many. Not always the time to eat properly let alone healthy. My answer is a blender!blender

With no more than 50 euros you go to the blender store to buy (yes really) a blender and you will have money left to pass by the supermarket to buy your favorite (and even not so favorite) fruit and vegatables. Almost everything that you find in the fruit and vegetables department will do. Bananas, tomatoes, nuts, apples even the disgusting things like lemmon and celeriac goes because the sweet fruit camouflages the taste in most cases. With some things it is recomendable to take the peal of but for the rest you just stuff in there. It is however a good idea to make sure to stay a quite a bit under the lid though, I tend to overdo it sometimes.

Then you add orange juice or milk until it reaches the highest positioned piece of fruit, you close the lid, put your blender on max  and 3 minutes later you are ready to go. Compact, not disgusting, easy to eat, quite filling and supposedly healthy in short very practical if you lack time. Only downside is of course that you cannot keep it for longer than a few days. (the advantage of orange juice over milk is that it tastes better the next days)

(Don’t know if this is even a good idea I just asumed. I’m no doctor so don’t use me as a reference for what is or is not a good idea. Do it on your own risk!)

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