Welcome in 2009!!!

newyearAaaaah, welcome to the year 2009, the year we should all fear. The year in which we will all go from a state in which we were so rich that we had to buy psychotherapy for our dogs to get rid of our money, to a state of desert land and the worse hunger this world has ever seen. And let’s be honest: it is getting a bit depressing that people often get payed so well for incompetent behaviour.

No, the year 2009 will be a blessing, a chance not only to redeem our evil ways but also to be once again be happy doing business. It will be the year where we will be forced to be open to discussing improvement and innovation. Not just as part of our communication strategy but as a way to solve problems. It will be the year of people with great and innovative ideas. Not to achieve more but to achieve better.

And not “big house, huge car and the biggest rack on my wife that you’ve ever seen happy”, but happiness about doing what we do best and making a living with that. The year that the wealthiest countries in this world will no longer need Prozac to be happy with their wealth, but where they will discover the joy of sharing.

I wish everybody a new and improved 2009!

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