Innovative company creation from France

France isn’t exactly known for it’s innovative attitude towards business. It is mostly seen as a country where paperwork and pride of traditions keep it from making significant progress. However even the biggest France critics will have to admit that they came up with something fantastic now. As of the first of January 2009 the French government put in place a law that allows people to more easily start a company.

  1. You subscribe fast and easy on the internet, you can stop it anytime you want. Both for free!
  2. You don’t pay any taxes if your turnover stays under 32.000 (services) or 80.000 (products) euros
  3. For administration you just hand in 2 lists: one with spending’s and one with income and you’re ready. So you don’t have to spend half of you’re income on accountants.

Especially the latter is quite revolutionary I guess, most of the administrative moves in this country come with a lot of paperwork. I don’t know if similar things are being done in other countries. Either way I think this is a great idea for stimulating economy and employment ratings.

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