CV2.0: A new way of CV-ing

When we look objectively at CV’s we can only conclude that it is a very superficial way of presenting yourself that has to much value attached to it. What is wierd is that with all of the technological means we have nowadays we didn’t really manage to revolutionize this. It is something that mostly talks about academical skills that in the end do not really distinguish people. Problem is that most companies like relying on this classical model because is saves them time, which with the amount of CV’s they receive is most crucial. So coming up with something more useful is not easy.

The most significant change we had is online networks like Linkedin and Viadeo. I have to say I kind of like them, it gives you easy and fast insight in peoples capacities and facilitates contacting them. However in the end we have to conclude that it is little more than a digital CV with digital networking advantages. I think its biggest advantage still comes from the fact that other people in your network can write something about you and give you recommendations.

There is something a little less known which is called CV 2.0 which focuses on that last aspect of recommendations. It assumes that you have a lot of them and makes them visible by category. Like that anybody that wants to know about all your recommendations in ICT they click the tag and all of the related recommendations appear. I see two problems though:

1. I don’t think that recommendations is a broadly used item on Linkedin. And what is the point of categorizing something you don’t have a lot of?

2. I’d need to subscribe and maintain yet another social network. When does somebody have the genius idea of centralizing these things?


So, no thank you, I think this would only become interesting when it is implemented in an existing website. But if it is, it could become really usefull and popular. Where social networks used to be about getting most contacts they could now become about getting the most recomendations.

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