Customer service… Finally

In a not so distant past customer service by phone was every consumers worse nightmare. A continuous process of being patched through to more and more impolite people that didn’t seem to have any intention of helping you. It seemed the companies cut costs by putting incompetent people behind their phones and by giving them no means at all to really solve anything. The solutions were obvious but to “expensive” (short term that is) and consumers didn’t have much choice because it seemed to be the same everywhere.

I know, the fact that I’m putting all this in a past tense is not really justified, however today I talked to people from 2 helpdesks in France and things seem to be changing here. The first asked at the end if I was satisfied with the way the consultant answered my questions. (which of course is recorded and listened to and analysed for the superiours) I had to respond positivilly and quite frankly I’m not used to that anymore.

surveyThe second went even further and send me an online questionaire in which there were 6 different ways of asking if I was satisfied with my call. And again I was!

I think all of this is potentially magnificent! I mean, of course it depends on what a company does with it but it seems ideal. They only have to listen to all the answers to that one question and as soon as there is one that is negative they can take a closer look as to why not.

Of course all of this wouldn’t be necesarry if the company has proper means for communicating with their empoyees, I guess we’ll wait another 15 years with figuring that out. For the time being there is at least some improvement. Woohoo!

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